We make good things happen and that's why 1000's of people contact us every year to plan their forthcoming celebrations. Parties + great entertainment = happy days!

When there is so much at stake we believe you'll need a reliable team who know their onions. We've gotten to know our bands and singers really well and will be delighted to find you the perfect entertainment for your wedding or party. We'll look forward to helping you over the phone or by email. In the meantime, here are some useful facts that we hope can answer any immediate queries.

What does the price guide mean?

The Guide Price reflects minimum fees for a standard performance. These fees are based on Friday > Sunday performances. Please ask about great deals on weekday bookings. Pricing may vary considerably depending on the number of musicians, duration of performance, sound / lighting requirements, venue location etc. If we have detailed information about your event we can provide with an accurate quotation highlighting all costs including any travelling expenses. This is the price you pay with no hidden costs.

No hidden costs...really?

Absolutely! At first glance, some agencies might offer more competitive quotes but we often find that once you add on their hidden extras our all-inclusive quotes are far more attractive. We're here to save you time and money and believe it's good practise to provide honest information so you can plan your budget. It's less time consuming and it's always helpful to know how much you can spend on everything else.

Travel expenses.

Artists determine their own travel expenses and some prefer to perform locally so may add a premium for enquiries further afield. Travel expenses include petrol, the travel time, any congestion charges and if they need to pay for overnight accommodation. These will be confirmed for each individual artist on enquiry.

Is there VAT to pay?

Only a few of our artists charge VAT and we'll highlight this in any quote we send.

Premium dates.

Certain prime dates like New Years Eve and bank holidays where an artists is guaranteed a booking may be subject to an increase in fees above the guide prices you'll find on the website. These are determined directly by the artist and pricing will be confirmed on enquiry.

How are fees determined?

Artists set their own fees and we negotiate these on your behalf. We usually have preferred pricing that you won't be able to receive directly. All of our live bands and singers offer great value - the more expensive ones usually offer greater options, more experience and superior equipment.

Are discounts available?

Most artists will offer discounts for multiple / regular bookings. It's rare to negotiate a discount for weekend bookings although some artists may be a little flexible on pricing for local events, non-peak dates and mid-week performances.

Do fees include sound and lighting equipment?

Yes. Most of our bands will have their own sound equipment (called PA) which is suitable for events with up to approx 200 guests on the dance floor. Many of our artistes also have their own professional sound/lighting engineer who will be happy to liaise with the venues counterpart. Some of our bands carry their own lighting rig but we would recommend checking with us on enquiry. We can arrange extraordinary PA and lighting for larger events.

How can I get a quote?

The best way is to give us a call and one of our team will discuss your event and find out all the information needed to be able to provide an accurate quote. We'll then check availability which is guaranteed for up to 3 working days before emailing you an all-inclusive quote for your selected artists.

0845 675 1311 / 07799 776911

Is the band really as good as the audio samples?

Yes. All of our featured bands have been selected because they have a great reputation for their live performances. Many of the audio samples will be demos from their studio recordings and many sound even better live! We also include any available videos to help you decide. If there isn't one on an artist's profile then they don't have a video yet.

Cam I go and see them perform before booking?

Most of our artists rarely have public performances as they perform at a higher level than pubs and clubs. We have auditioned them so you don't have to. If there is an opportunity to go and see them live we will let you know.

How big a band should we book?

Most of our bands will be perfect for events with up to approx 300 guests. All of our artistes advertise the number of musicians in the band on their individual pages. The more musicians in a band the 'bigger' the sound although it will usually add to the cost. You should also consider the type of venue that is holding your event and whether it is indoors or outdoors as this can affect the quality of the sound equipment needed for your event.

Is the artist right for my venue?

Our artists have performed in all types of venue and a vast range of environments both indoors and outdoors. It's much the same for any booking. Typically, they will need:

  • A dry performance space
  • Access to a power suuply
  • A place to get changed / chill out
  • A bite to eat and refreshments
We'll advise you of any other requirements before confirming your booking.

Insurance and PAT certification

Many venues now require all performers to provide documented proof of PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and PAT Certification. All of our artists have these and we'll ensure your venue has copies in the run up to your event.

What happens if the artist we choose isn't available?

If your selected artist isn't available we will check availability of other similar acts for yur event and contact you to advise of a suitable alternative. You may wish to select a 2nd choice prior to enquiry.

First things first.

Once you've secured your venue - check with them to make sure you can have live music there. Some venues have restrictions which may make it difficult for live bands or singers to perform. It's always best to check if your venue has a sound limiter and if they do - what level is it set to? Typically, it's around 90db and some performers prefer not to take bookings for venues with a sound limiter.

On Enquiry.

We'll check availability and send you all the information you need with a detailed quote for each of your selected artists. We'll advise of any requirements and details of how you can proceed with a booking.

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can be confirmed by telephone or by email and we'll need some key information. This includes the event date, venue details, approximate timings and any special requests. We add these onto our system, issue you with your Booking Documents and confirm the date with your selected Artist. You'll need to pay a small deposit to secure your entertainment. We provide contracts to your selected artist and - that's it - everything is booked for your event. We'll be in touch a couple of weeks before your event to finalise any details and confirm the information.

How can I pay the deposit?

We accept most credit cards, visa debit, cheques or bank transfer. We'll advise our bank details for payment when we send your Booking Documents.

How do I pay the balance?

Balances are due three weeks prior to performance. Some artists will accept cash payments on the day of the event although we recommend settling up in advance so you have one less thing to worry about before your event. We'll let you know who / how to make the balance payment when you confirm your booking.

What if the artist cancels?

They won't. In fact, they look forward to performing for every booking. Plus our contracts are legally binding for your peace of mind. Due to the size of our portfolio we can usually provide a replacement in the rare event of an artist not being able to perform. Most of our bands have deputies and we have always managed to arrange a satisfactory alternative in the few instances that an artist has fallen sick. We've got everything covered. For full details, read our Full Terms & Conditions here.

Insurance documents.

We'll arrange for copies of artists insurance documents and PAT certification to be sent to your venue in good time. We usually do this no earlier than two weeks before the event so that all the paperwork is up to date.

Will I hear from the artist before my event?

Absolutely. We'll arrange for them to touch base a couple of weeks before to discuss the music, timings and see how we can make it super special. This allows them time to focus on each event as it comes and make any necessary plans for each performance. Plus, most of your plans will be in place by then so all the information will be up to date and not change too much.

Your booking co-ordinator will also give you a call to make sure everything is in good shape and we can also pick up any last minute info and we'll do our best to settle any pre-wedding nerves if it's your big day.

What happens on the day?

Your entertainment will be exactly as arranged. They'll set up any equipment and then get ready to perform for you and your guests at the required time and you'll have a fantastic time. We'll be thinking of you during your celebrations and we'll also be in touch afterwards to invite your feedback.

Can anything go wrong?

It's very rare that anything goes wrong. You'll have the contact number for your band or singer and they know to call you should their arrival be delayed for any reason. You'll also be given our out of hours emergency number should you need to get in touch with us. We want every event to be a complete success and know that all the preparations we do in advance are integral to the success of each event. We're here with you every step of the way so relax and look forward to your celebrations. We make good things happen.