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With a range of full size casino tables including poker, black jack and roulette wheels, we can provide a fun and popular selection of gaming entertainment for your event. All tables come with a professional croupiers and are perfect for great after dinner entertainment for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Casino tables hireHeres how it works:
Guests are given a "how to play" booklet and a pre determined amount of fun money which will be exchanged for chips at the casino tables. Games can then be played to normal casino rules and guests can at any time surrender chips for prize points with the croupiers or casino manager. At the end of play, prizes will be awarded either by the casino manager or the co-ordinator of your event. With a little imagination, you can raise money for a preferred charity or use it as a team building event.

The roulette wheel has always been a popular addition to evening entertainment. Th game of chance invites guests to try their luck at this classic game, picking numbers on the wheel and betting with gambling chips. The croupier spins the wheel, and dependant on the spin of the wheel, guests can win up to 35 times their bet.

Each guest is dealt two cards, with the aim of accumulating a total of 21 points. They can then request more cards to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust or “stand” to complete their selection. If in choosing to acquire more cards the player exceeds 21 then they are “bust”. At the end of the round any player whose cards exceed the total of the bankers, but who has not “bust” wins more chips dependant on the odds involved.

Casino Black Jack tables hire Poker:
Guests challenge the dealer in a game of five card Caribbean Stud Poker. Players must pay an ante to play the hand, they may then stake up to twice the original ante, or throw the cards in. The aim is simply to beat the dealers hand, who only plays when he has an ace / king combination or above. The aim is to create, pairs, three of a kind, runs, flushes and full houses. With the payout odds increase with the difficulty of the combination of cards.

This is the American dice game, players take it in turns to throw the dice, the aim is to throw ‘the score’ before throwing ‘craps’. Other players bet throughout the throws on individual totals or combination of dice.

Price guide:

  • 1 x table with croupier: from: £275.00
  • 2 x tables with croupier: from: £480.00
  • 3 x tables with croupier: from: £660.00

Set up takes approximately 20 minutes per table. Prices are based on up to 3 x consecutive hours of game play at your event. We recommend operating the tables before any DJ / live band as the gaming can often leave the dance floor empty. Our fun casinos are great fun and all the guests can participate. Our croupiers will be happy to explain any rules throughout the gaming.