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    We've so many great Jazz & Swing bands to choose from. Enjoy browsing or give us a call and we'll help find you the perfect wedding entertainment - we make good things happen.

  • Jools


    £1320 - 2160+

    Wedding Entertainment

    You'll know you hired Jools the next day because your feet and jaw will ache. Every performance highlights their unique blend of humour, incredible musicianship and boogie-woogie swing that will pack the dance floor.

  • Hire New Dixie Boys

    The New Dixie Boys

    £660 - 1440+

    Wedding Entertainment

    The New Dixie Boys perform classic New Orleans style Dixie jazz with a great look and fantastic repertoire of toe-tapping music. Ideal for weddings & parties. Dixie Jazz Band.

  • Harlem


    £1320 - 1920+

    Wedding Entertainment

    Harlem is an incredible swing / jive band that will get your joint jumping. Sublime vocals and a band that will re-jive-nate any event! An upbeat cocktail of swing, jive and great music to dance to. Swing band.

  • Definitely Debonaire Vintage Swing Band

    Definitely Debonaire


    Wedding Entertainment

    Sensational vintage swing band. From 1920's Gatsby to Glen Miller, 1940's wartime themed events and much more, Definitely Debonaire is a simply irresistible jazz swing band with incredible vocals.

  • Hire Ultimate Swing Rat Pack Singer

    Ultimate Swing

    £480 - 1620+

    Wedding Entertainment

    Rat Pack singer & swing band Ultimate Swing performs classic Sinatra, Michael Buble hits and rat pack songs. Available as a solo singer or with a live jazz band. Rat Pack Singer / Swing Band.

  • Hire Charleston Chaps 1920s Dixie Jazz Band

    The Charleston Chaps


    Wedding Entertainment

    The Charleston Chaps perform great music from the 1920s and 30s in their own New Orleans Dixie jazz style. Great vintage jazz swing band for weddings & parties. 1920s Jazz Band.

  • Midnight in Mayfair 1920's Jazz Band

    Midnight in Mayfair

    £840 - 3360+

    Wedding Entertainment

    Consumate performances from this highly experienced 1920's style jazz band performing classic hits from Cole Porter, George Gershwin, The Charleston and much more. One of the most sought after vintage jazz bands in the capital.

  • Hire Around Midnight Jazz Swing Band

    Around Midnight

    £660 - 1440+

    Wedding Entertainment

    The perfect musical accompaniment to your evening. Choose Around Midnight's cool, fresh and sophisticated twist on classic jazz and swing hits. Available as a 3 - 5 piece band. Jazz Swing Band.

  • Hire The Bourne Experience Jazz Swing Band

    The Bourne Experience

    £420 - 1440+

    Wedding Entertainment

    The Bourne Experience is a powerful and engaging performance of classic Swing, Michael Buble and everyone's favourite party songs delivered with energy and passion. Wedding singer / Swing Band.

  • Hire 5 Star Swing band

    5 Star Swing

    £1080 - 3500+

    Wedding Entertainment

    Music from Glen Miller, Gershwin, Cole Porter, Sinatra and 1940s jazz make this fabulous 5-18 piece swing band bring the whole jazz experience to any event and is ideal for dancing to. Swing Band

  • Hire  Frank Sinatra Tribute Act

    The Sinatra Singer

    £480 - 1500+

    Wedding Entertainment

    The Sinatra Singer is one of the UK's leading Frank Sinatra Tribute acts available as a solo singer or with live band. Performing classic swing from the King of Swing. Sinatra Tribute Act

  • Hire Max Sax Wedding Singer

    Max Sax

    £300 - 480+

    Wedding Entertainment

    Saxophonist & singer Max Sax - available as a sensational wedding singer, saxophonist - or both! His vocals have the power and soul of Joe Cocker and his sax sets are to die for. Saxophonist / Wedding Singer.

  • Hire Jazz Moves Swing Band

    Jazz Moves

    £625 - 1020+

    Wedding Entertainment

    Jazz Moves - anything from a cool dinner jazz trio to a 5 piece swing band - the perfect choice to add style and sophistication to weddings, parties and celebrations. Jazz Swing Band

  • Hire Dixie Saints New Orleans Dixie Jazz Band

    The Dixie Saints

    £540 - 1080+

    Wedding Entertainment

    Think New Orleans style jazz - vibrant upbeat music which is perfect for indoors or outdoor events all year round. They are also great for 1920's themed events performing Great Gatsby style music with a swing vibe.

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Which type of jazz band to hire?

Jazz and swing bands are one of our most requested music styles for entertainment at weddings and parties. Jazz is the general umbrella for a huge range of legendary artists and you may already know your Dean Martin from your Dizzie Gillespie or your Jobim to your Jools Holland.

With jazz music having so many different styles from the most recognisable voice of Sinatra through to jump-jive, boogie-woogie, dixie and more we've written a brief guide to the different types of jazz music and how they might fit into your celebrations.

Dixie Jazz

Dixie Jazz

Often referred to as 'trad jazz' or New Orelans jazz, dixie bands are usually accoustic and comprise of banjo, sousaphone, clarinet and bright uniforms. The music started around 1916 in America and quickly became very popular. This early jazz sound lends itself to events requiring great visuals combined with a mobile band. Excellent versatility for meeting and greeting guests at weddings, outdoor functions etc. Hire a Dixie Jazz band

1920s Jazz

The Roaring 20's

The great sounds of Cole Porter, Gershwin and Irving Berlin combined with the rhythm and style from the Charleston era. Perfect for 1920s themed events a-la Great Gatsby. An opportunity for ladies to wear flappers dresses and guys to don their wing tip collars and tails or even gangster fancy dress. Classy and upbeat music for events requiring a show band with 'all that jazz'. Hire a 1920's Jazz band

Golden Age Jazz

The Golden Age

The music of Louis Armstrong, Reinhardt and Grapelli and Billie Holiday are perfect for any intimate audience requiring entertainment from these legendary artists. Ideal as a musical backdrop for dinners and receptions, this style of jazz is suited for real music lovers that just want to appreciate great musicianship and sublime vocals. Hire a Jazz band

Big Band Jazz

Big Bands

A trip back to the 1940's with the classic sounds of Benny Goodman and Glen Miller. Remember the Chatanooga Choo Choo? Evocative jazz from the war time era often combined with swinging showstoppers from the jazz of the 1940's right through to the swing of the Sinatra era. Expect a big sound from bands with a great brass section. Ideal for dancing to. Hire a Big band

West Coast Jazz

West Coast

This cool jazz is ideal for those functions requiring a sophisticated background atmosphere. The classic quartet of piano, bass, drums and saxophone lend themselves to any event needing a light and refreshing style. Ideal as dinner jazz or for dancing to with the 5 piece band (or larger). Hire a Dinner Jazz band

Jazz bands are one of the most popular music styles of live bands & singers to hire for events. Our expert team are on hand to make suggestions for your celebrations so do get in touch if you need any advice on which style would best suit your function.

This is just a selection of our jazz bands, swing bands and jazz musicians. If you would like our opinion on any act not listed, please contact one of our friendly representatives and we'll offer our professional opinion. We are always looking for new jazz / swing bands - please get in touch if you know an artist who you think we should include in our portfolio.